Sunday, December 6, 2015

My Most Used Words

During the course of my first semester of graduate school, I completed this blog on administrative leadership in technology. I used a great site called Word It Out and entered my blog address in to generate a word cloud that emphasized my most used words throughout the blog.

Based on this word cloud program, my most used words were "technology," "learning," and "students." And...this really summarizes the focus of what this graduate course was all about. Administrators have the obligation to be digital leaders and promote and model technology to improve student learning.

A great digital leader:

  • Inspires and empowers teachers to use technology to improve student learning
  • Creates and models technology for teachers to enhance student learning
  • Creates opportunity for professional development in technology in efforts to improve student learning
  • Composes and maintains a strategic technology plan and provides resources to enhance student learning
  • Models and promotes digital citizenship so that students are learning to communicate through technology appropriately (International Society for Technology in Education, 2009)

International Society for Technology in Education. (2009). ISTE Standards Administrators. Retrieved from