Saturday, August 29, 2015

Connected Principals Connected Principals is a wonderful educational blog that features many different authors, all of who are administrators, contributing their own opinions with one common goal in mind; focusing on the students.  The authors have collaborated and published a list of guiding principles (which can be viewed from the home page) that depict their educational beliefs as administrators.  This is an exceptional blog that features many different ideas in many different planes of expertise. In addition to the variety of posts you can research, this blog features video access to a new, exciting leadership movement, similar to Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), through Parkland Division Schools in Canada. You can register for the “Leadership 2.0- A Collaborative Learning Opportunity for School Leaders Based on the Alberta Education Principal Quality Standard” by clicking the offered link, or you can download and watch the recorded sessions that they offer links to. This online event is open to all leaders, even if your standards are not based on the Alberta Education Principal Quality Standard.

The creator of Connected Principals, George Courus, a Division Principal of Innovative Teaching and Learning, in Canada, created the blog with the focus that collaboration between administrators would better serve the learning needs of all students.  In one of his most recent blog posts, “Building Relationships Through Technology,” Courus reflects about a past experience where he connected with his students by commenting to their newly created blog posts. His students felt their work was appreciated by the simple gesture. Courus states “What I have truly believed is that technology isn’t meant to replace face to face interactions, but if anything, it can enhance them” (Courus 2015). His statement strikes a chord with me as I believe technology is a powerful tool that should not take over learning entirely, but should be used a tool to enrich it.

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