Monday, September 7, 2015


WebQuest is a "cool-tool" that allows students to navigate safely on the web while engaging in a lesson and task. WebQuests include higher-order thinking processes, and are not just a click and move on. Each WebQuest includes and introduction, task, process, evaluation, conclusion, and credits. 

WebQuest was developed by Bernie Dodge, in 1995, but has developed into a worldly online educational technology tool, that allows students to take initiative of their own learning. You can visit and search their data base of WebQuests by academic and grade level. You can also create your own WebQuest through other online authoring systems, and WebQuest will guide you through the process. Another way to engage in WebQuests is to go to the Google Search Engine and type in a keyword (based on the type of information you are looking to learn about) and the word "WebQuest." Other WebQuests from online authoring systems will appear. 

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WebQuests offer a safe way for students to research and navigate on the web. Students surely will enjoy learning with these online scavenger hunts!

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